Launching: LaDataViz 2.0

Check out our brand new website

I launched the first version of two years ago, right on time for the Tableau Conference 2022.

I created the first version using Webflow and greatly enjoyed it! However, all the tools (AdvViz, BANg) were then built using Svelte, resulting in a weird cohabitation of different website coding methods.

Also, a lot has changed since 2022. Our site should no longer be a freelancer website showcasing only my Tableau Public portfolio.

Today, and again, right in time for the Tableau Conference, we are launching a complete website redesign!

Of course, visually, everything is different, but the website also reflects much more of what LaDataViz is today.

LaDataViz is a small studio of two people, and you can learn more about us. We now have specific pages for our consulting activity and a hub for all our tools.

If you use our tools and products, nothing should have changed. Please let us know if something is not working on AdvViz, BANg, or the Figma to Tableau Plugin!

That redesign was one of our main goals for the year, and we are extremely happy with the result!

Many thanks to Connor Rothschild, who worked with us during this transition and made everything possible. We highly recommend you to work with him if you have similar needs. He helped us from the early design in Figma to the complete developement of the entire site in Svelte. We could not have asked for a better experience.

See you next week!

Next week, during the Tableau Conference, we will make two big announcements and demos around Viz Extensions and the Figma to Tableau Plugin.

We received multiple emails asking if the presentation would be recorded, and I am happy to say YES.

Beyond the Boundaries of Tableau will be available on Salesforce +, Wednesday 1st of May:

Of course, if you are coming to the conference, I invite you to come to one of two live sessions on Monday:

Thanks, everyone!

That’s it for this week!

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If you have any suggestions, feedback is appreciated!