First Look: Try Viz Extensions Today

Now Available in Beta


Since this morning, you can find four of our Viz Extensions (well, yes, five, but that’s just a glitch) directly on the Tableau Exchange: Tree, Network, Radial Flow, and Streamgraph.

Viz Extensions are currently in beta preview, and can only be loaded in prelease preview builds. You can download Tableau 2024.2 beta here:

Here’s a quick demo on how to build a Streamgraph in Tableau in just a few seconds using Viz Extension:

All our extensions are that easy to use

Each Extension has a Format Extension button to personalize your chart. We will eventually create video tutorials explaining everything, but for now, just try to have fun!

Our Extensions are also in beta. We tested them, but you may (and probably will) find some missing features, bugs, and weird behavior.

This is why we need your help! Please reply to this email with your feedback to let us know what’s missing (color legends, for example, are an important missing feature) or if it is not working correctly.

Finally, we can’t wait to demo these extensions (and another big surprise) at the Tableau Conference in less than two weeks!

We can’t wait to hear from you, and we hope you’ll enjoy using these extensions as much as we enjoyed building them for you!

Thanks, everyone!

That’s it for this week!

You can reach us easily over there:
‣ Website:
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‣ All other links:

If you have any suggestions, feedback is appreciated!

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