Back From Tableau Conference

Recap, Announcement, and Surprises

What a week!

We are back from the Tableau Conference in San Diego (but we are still outside Europe; sorry for the unusual time), and we have much to share!

Beyond the Boundaries of Tableau

On the first day, I had the chance to repeat my 40-minute presentation twice. 776 people came to see what’s possible with Viz Extensions and the Figma to Tableau Plugin.

After the talk, we noticed a nice bump in the number of subscribers to this newsletter, so if you were in the audience, thanks for joining!

The presentation was recorded for the first time this year and is now available on Salesforce+. If you couldn’t attend the conference, this is a perfect opportunity to watch my and many more great sessions!

During the presentation, I focused on three main points:

The presentation ended with the announcement and demo of a new feature coming soon to the Figma to Tableau Plugin: Dashboard Generator.

But first, I have to talk about day 2!

LaDataViz on the Big Screen

Remember my previous newsletter, Under Pressure?
It’ll make more sense now.

Not only did we work on the Viz Extensions launch, the new feature for the plugin, and my presentation, but we also helped build two of the main Tableau keynote demos.

The first demo was about Viz Extensions were Celine Murugi showcased our Streamgraph extension.

Fun fact, until a few days before the demo, it was supposed to be a demo of the Tree Extensions! It is fun now, but a bit stressful when we had to make sure everything worked a few days beofre the big event!

The second big demo was about our Figma to Tableau Plugin.

For the first time, Devs On Stage showcased Tableau Partners' work! Our plugin and our small team of two were featured alongside Interworks and Infotopics | Apps for Tableau - quite an accomplishment!

We worked for a month with Tableau’s team so Tony Kao could present the plugin, and since Devs on Stage is all about new features, the new Dashboard Generator!

Thankfully, everything went well, and we registered much interest in the plugin following the keynote!

You can up with the main Keynote and discover all the new features announced:

So, what is that new Dashboard Generator feature?

First Look: Dashboard Generator

Since the launch of the Figma to Tableau plugin, we have received great feedback. For people who know how to use Figma and Auto-Layout, it can save you hours of work for every new dashboard you create.

However, not everyone knows Figma and can generate beautiful dashboards. Therefore, we created templates that you can use as a starting point.

But we wanted to do better than templates.

Soon, you’ll be able to generate personalized Tableau dashboards with just one click directly from the plugin. You can select different layouts, navigation menus, filter bars, and many design options to build your perfect dashboard faster than ever.

With the imminent launch of the Viz Extensions and the new feature for the plugin coming in June, we have much to do in the coming months!

Meanwhile, we’ll enjoy our last tacos 🌮 in Mexico 🇲🇽 

That’s it for this week!

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