Viz Extensions FAQ

All you need to know to get started

Tableau 2024.2 is here, and with that, Viz Extensions!

Today, we will answer all the frequently asked questions about Viz Extensions.

What are Viz Extensions?

Viz Extensions expands Tableau's visualization options, making it easier for anyone to create new visualization types without any calculations or templates.

Viz Extensions is a portal between a Tableau Worksheet and a web page that allows the creation of visualizations using d3, SVGs, javascript, or any web technology.

A good way to see it in action is to check our video with @TableauTim:

How does it work?

Viz Extensions are two things: a .trex file and a web page.

The .trex file is a JSON-formatted manifest for a Tableau Viz Extension. It contains metadata about the Extension, such as the web page's URL that hosts the rendering and the new Marks Card that the chart type requires.

Here is, for example, the .trex file of our network (notice the URL and the two encodings, source and target)

The URL specified in the .trex file points to a web page containing the extension's functionality. This web page leverages Tableau's Viz Extensions API to interact with the Tableau worksheet and render the chart.

Can the Viz Extension access my data?

The Viz Extension cannot access your data source’s raw data or fields.

When you drag and drop a field to a Marks Card, the Extension reads the aggregated data in the Worksheet.

As a recognized Tableau Partner, you can trust that your data is never stored anywhere, not even temporarily. Like every tool we create, everything happens only inside your browser.

For added security, our extensions are available on the cloud, hosted by us, but also on-premise if you want complete control (more about that later).

Can I get the Viz Extensions in my secure environment?

Yes. We can share a packaged version of our Viz Extensions that does not require any internet connection.

You can then host this version in your environment and make it available to your internal user.

Check our on-premise pricing in the section below.

How do I add a Viz Extension to my worksheet?

You can easily add a new Viz Extension directly from a worksheet in the Marks Card by using the Add Extensions button.

Then, you can choose between:

  • Browse Viz Extensions: Viz Extensions from the Tableau Exchange (built by Tableau Partners like us). These are free to try.

  • Access Local Viz Extensions: if you purchase a license or develop your own, you can use a local .trex file here.

How to use a Viz Extension?

Once you have added Viz Extensions to your worksheet, how you use it will depend on how it was developed. However, they all have a few things in common:

  • Custom Marks Cards: Each Viz Extension will have specific and new Marks Cards (like Source and Target for a Network). You can drag and drop fields on these cards as you are used to.

  • Mandatory Detail and Tooltip: It is impossible to deactivate Detail and Tooltip Cards, even though they can sometimes not be used.

  • Disabled Columns and Rows: Currently, it is impossible to use the Columns or Rows when using a Viz Extension.

  • Format Extension: This button opens a new popup for more configuration and formatting. The developers can completely customize the content of this popup.

On top of that, all of our Extensions will include the following:

  • Start page with a Getting Started explanation

  • Tooltip and hover-over effect

  • Selection (and multi-selection) to perform Action filters

  • Reactive configuration window (instant change in the visualization)

Where can I use Viz Extensions?

Viz Extensions will be available in Tableau Desktop, Server, and Online.

Only Sandboxed Extensions will be available in Tableau Public. For the moment, only Tableau’s own Sankey is sandboxed.

We want to have our Extensions being available as Sandboxed Extensions so you can use them on Tableau Public.
Unfornately, this is not up to us but between Tableau’s hand. If you’d like to use you Extensions on Tableau Public, please let Tableau know!

How do I enable Viz Extension on my site?

You'll need to enable the Viz Extensions on your Tableau Server or Online site in the Extensions Settings for them to run:

To enable all our Viz Extensions, make sure to allow the following URL:*

Make sure that User Prompts option is set to Hide to avoid having an annoying window open everytime you or someone else use a Viz Extension.

How many Viz Extensions are available at launch?

We currently have ten Viz Extensions available directly on the Tableau Exchange.

Of course, we don’t plan to stop there, and we will release more in the coming months.

How much does it cost?

We have three different pricing levels:

  • Free: You can use all of our Viz Extensions for free and test all the advanced customization options.

  • Hosted — $10 per Extension ($80 for all) per Creator.
    One-time fee. No subscription. Unlimited Viewers.
    With a license, you unlock the full potential of the Viz Extensions and can save your advanced customizations.

  • Offline / Entreprise — $1000 per Extension ($5000 for all).
    One-time fee. Unlimited Creators and Viewers. On-premise.
    You can get an offline version of the extensions and host it directly in your secure environment. The one-time setup fee includes one year's worth of monthly updates with new features and chart types.

This is the pricing at launch, and it may change in the future.

Where can I get a license?

Like BANg and the Figma to Tableau Plugin, we use Lemon Squeezy to handle the payment and license generation.

You can buy individual Viz Extension or the pack directly here:

For on-premise installation, please reach out directly.

I just purchased a license; what do I do now?

After purchasing a license, you will receive an email with a link to download the .trex files.

We worked on a solution that automatically adds your license key inside the URL of the .trex file so you don’t have to do it yourself maually!

Once you have downloaded your .trex files, you are good to go!

Ensure that the extensions are enabled on the server and that you use the “Access Local Viz Extensions” option.

Can I get a personalized Viz Extension?

Yes. The Viz Extensions we are releasing are standardized advanced charts made to be usable in many ways.

However, you may want a specific chart, predefined design, or particular interactions or options to fit your use case.

We are happy to help and create custom extensions for you.

You can reach out at [email protected].

That’s it for this week!

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