Thriving in 2024

AdvViz directly in Tableau and Figma

After last week’s 2023 Review, it’s time to look forward and plan 2024.

If you read the newsletter -I have no motivation- or have seen one of my recent presentations, you know I started Ladataviz in 2021 with a three-year plan: Earn → Learn → Share.

We are now in 2024 and should “Profit,” but what does that mean?

In 2024, our main focus is to thrive.

All the things we built these last two years allow us to have a great foundation that we can use to flourish. I want to consolidate what we already have, make it better, and create new things faster.

So, what do we plan? What are our goals and objectives? What new products are we already working on? Let’s dive in!

Actionable Goals in 2024 🎯

I believe in having a long-term vision, making a plan, and setting goals.

A common mistake when setting targets is making them unactionable like:
We want to generate XXX amount of sales.
We want to reach XXX amount of subscribers.

There are so many external factors we cannot control that I think it’s better to avoid this type of goal completely.

Our goals are things we can do. They are actions. We can’t control the outcome or the result but we can controk the input.

Here are our four main actionable goals:

  • Completely redesign our website

  • Send at least two newsletters per month

  • Publish at least one video per month on YouTube

  • Create four new products this year (more info below!)

  • Increase the % of revenue from products compared to last year

We have all the bricks we need to achieve this, and I want to share two exciting projects we are already working on right now!

Advanced Visualizations Everywhere

Our most used tool is AdvViz. It is a free tool that many of you have used to create advanced charts for Tableau Public.

The most common question we get all the time is: How can I connect the visualization to my data?

And the sad answer until now was: you can’t.

AdvViz is an excellent static data tool but not usable for ever-changing business data, until soon. 

AdvViz inside Tableau

Leveraging Viz Extensions, which were just announced in Beta, you’ll soon be able to create advanced charts directly in Tableau, connected to your data.

You can add filters, refresh your data, and even create interactions between advanced charts and traditional Tableau marks. I can’t wait!

But what about non-Tableau users?

AdvViz for Figma

Currently, on top of Tableau, you can export the results of your charts in CSV and SVG. But we can do more!

Leveraging what we already did for the Figma to Tableau Plugin and all the code of AdvViz, we believe it’s possible to create a plugin that allows you to quickly create data-driven charts in Figma.

The idea is the same as for Tableau: input your data, configure your visualization, and export it directly in Figma.

I have built a bar chart and network chart prototype to test the feasibility. If it’s something that you think is valuable for you, let me know!

We are beginning this project, and I want to make sure it’s helpful!

And more…

Of course, we’ll make sure to add new features to the existing tools, and if you hate how endless it is to modify many filters in Tableau, we may have something coming later this year, too!

Is there anything else that annoys you in Tableau or an important missing feature? We are looking forward to your feedback.

Meanwhile, we hope you like our plan for this year. There is no dramatic change or complete revolution, but we will use all the experiences we have accumulated over the past two years to create better content and products.

That’s it for this week!

You can reach us easily over there:
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If you have any suggestions, feedback is appreciated!

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