New Generator: Streamgraph

Always 100% free


A quick email today to share that you can now create Streamgraph with AdvViz:

If you have used any of the previous generators, this works exactly the same way: select our data, configure the chart, and export the result to Tableau in one click:

The data structure is really simple; you need a CSV or Excel file with three columns: the ID, the date, and the value. Here’s an example:

As with all the other generators, this is 100% free, and you can export the result in Tableau and as a CSV or SVG.

We are already working on a new generator! If you like this new one, and want to help us create more of them faster, you can buy us some coffee ☕️

If you build a Tableau Public visualization using this tool, please mention us @ladataviz so we can add the viz in the gallery!

That’s it for this week!

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