Figma to Tableau Plugin Launch

Export your Figma design into fully functional Tableau Dashboards

Ok, let’s do this!

With a lot of excitement and after months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce the Figma to Tableau Plugin is available!

If you are busy and want to try it out directly, click here 👆.

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Thank you!

If you have five minutes to learn more about the plugin and get a nice discount, let me start with the problem.

The problem with Tableau 🚩

Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand data.

If you give me any new dataset to explore, my first action is to put the data in Tableau and start visualizing it. That’s where Tableau’s power resides.

But let's face it: creating dashboards in Tableau can sometimes feel like a step back in time. There are so many annoyances that Tableau users have accepted or learned to get around:

  • You can’t align elements without risking breaking the containers 🤦‍♂️

  • Resizing a dashboard will mess with all your floating elements 😤

  • You have to modify the format of each container one by one 💀

  • You can’t zoom out to a complete view of your dashboard 😩

  • And don’t get me started on putting Blank objects in containers to be able to use them…

Why and when have we accepted this as normal?

Why a Figma Plugin? 🤔 

Figma’s mission is to make design accessible to everyone.

Designing in Figma is a breeze – it's fast, convenient, and where our creative juices flow freely. However, Figma does not come anywhere close to Tableau when visualizing data.

In the Tableau Community, people are sharing more and more their methods of combining Figma and Tableau. If you perform a quick search on YouTube for "Figma and Tableau," you will find numerous ways in which the community created connections between the two platforms:

But there is always one big catch: the repetitive process of rebuilding everything in Tableau. There was no way to easily take your Figma design and have it instantly in Tableau

Until today.

Design in Figma, Visualize in Tableau 🧙🏻‍♂️

Imagine designing your dashboard in Figma and magically transforming it into a fully functional Tableau Dashboard in one click. That's exactly what the plugin does!

Here’s your gateway to saving hours of work and a mountain of clicks with every new dashboard.

How Does It Work? ✨ 

If you have used any of our tools, you know we always aim to make them as easy to use as possible. This plugin is the same. Here are some of the many features we built in the plugin:

  • One-click Export: Select a frame in Figma, hit export, and voilà!

  • Automatic Conversion: Figma nodes starting with SHEET/ become Tableau Worksheets.

  • Import Workbook: Select a Workbook and add existing Worksheets to your Figma design. The worksheets are automatically replaced when exporting, saving you even more time.

  • Versatile Export Options: Choose from Tiled, Floating, or Background Image Exports.

  • Smooth Conversion Process: From Auto Layout Frames to Containers, Text to Images, we’ve got it all streamlined.

To discover all the features and explanations, check the Plugin Guide:

If you read everything so far, I guess you are at least curious and willing to try. The good news is that you can export ten dashboards for free to test the plugin.

If you subscribe to this newsletter, I have more good news for you.

Pricing and Exclusive Discount for you 🌟 

The plugin will be available first through a one-off payment of $149. You will get all improvements, new features, and bug corrections for life. After six months, the pricing will switch to an annual subscription.

To thank you for being part of this journey, I'm offering you an extra $50 discount until the end of the year.

This makes the plugin available at $99 for unlimited use forever.


While we’ve worked hard to make this plugin as perfect as possible at launch, expect some early-stage bugs and many future improvements. If you know us and have used our other tools, you know we’ll fix them and improve the tool.

By getting the plugin now, you will be an early adopter (I could even use Trailblazer, but Salesforce does not sponsor this newsletter 😉), and I want to thank you. If you are using the free exports and have errors when exporting, please reach out, and I can give you more free exports.

The Future Awaits!

In the coming weeks, we’ll showcase the plugin through videos to better explain why using Figma makes building dashboards in Tableau faster.

Meanwhile, are you curious about how the plugin works or have any questions? Reply to this email, and I'll be happy to chat!

That’s it for this week!

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If you have any suggestions, feedback is appreciated!

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