New Generator: Trees 🌲🌳🌴

Radial, Horizontal, and Vertical


Another week, another generator!

Starting today, you can build all sorts of Trees in Tableau! Huge thanks to Jessica (@latinaviz), who developed most of the functionalities.

Again, this generator works exactly the same way as the other: select our data, configure the chart, and export the result to Tableau in one click:

The data structure to create a Tree is extremely simple; you need a CSV or Excel file with as many columns as you need for your hierarchy from top to bottom:

When you export the tree, you’ll automatically get a field that calculates the number of descendants for each node. This will allow you to create beautiful visualizations very easily. Here’s an example on Tableau Public:

It’s always 100% free. And if you like what we do, you can always help us by buying us some coffee ☕️

If you build a Tableau Public visualization using this tool, please mention us @ladataviz so we can add the viz in the gallery!

That’s it for this week!

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