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In November 2019, I returned from the Tableau Conference inspired to create a Network showing the interactions of all Twitter accounts that used #data19 during the conference. I had no idea how to start, but I eventually found a way and built this visualization:

The Datafam Universe

I was far from imagining that this would be the start of a project that would transform the way people are making advanced charts in Tableau.

At its beginning, the tool was just an Observable page where you could input your data, generate a Network or Voronoi Treemap, and download the data. The tool was just preparing the data for you, and you still had to build the visualization in Tableau.

Almost a year ago!

In November 2022, I launched the first version of AdvViz as you know it. Upload your data, configure your viz, and export instantly in Tableau. You can focus directly on your design and story.

One year later, we counted 123 Tableau Public visualizations (and, among them, 21 VOTD) that were built using our free tool.

Who doesn’t like a viz about vizzes

Today, we are happy to announce that you can discover all these fantastic visualizations in our brand-new gallery.

You can search by Author, Chart Type, and VOTD and get inspired to build your next Tableau Public project (why not your Iron Viz entry!). If you create a viz using AdvViz, you can also use the button to submit it in the gallery! 

Scroll through 100+ amazing entries

We tried our best to include all visualizations where people tagged us or mentioned us. If we made any errors, please let us know!

We hope that you will enjoy discovering the gallery. 🙌

Big thanks to Jessica, who created most of the page and gathered all the data!

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