Bees, Voronoï, and More

February is a short month, but I have a lot of news to share with you!

Hi 👋

February is a short month, but I have a lot of news to share with you!

First, we are almost 400! Thank you for your interest in my product, services, and content. Second, I wanted to share with you that I have the pleasure of returning as a Tableau Visionary in 2023.

Tableau Visionary

This means that all the effort put into the tools and the content helps you and gets noticed by Tableau. I plan to continue sharing and building things with and for you. In March, I'll work on a new project that will hopefully allow you to save a lot of time on your future Tableau dashboards.

Special thanks to Irene, Steve, Alli, Mark, Zach, Pavel, Nicole, Charles, Jon, and "Someone" for contributing by buying me a coffee! ❤️

Visualization Generator Update

👉 You can now generate a Beeswarm Plot 🐝.This type of visualization is particularly useful for displaying categorical or discrete data with a small number of unique values. They are great when you want to compare the distribution of multiple categories side-by-side, as they allow you to see the density of each category and identify any outliers.

👉 You can now generate Voronoï Treemap ◼️▲⚫️. They are designed to efficiently use the available space while being aesthetically pleasing by choosing between different shapes available. Voronoï Treemaps are relatively new and, while often not the most precise way of displaying data, can give a wow effect to your visualization. I want to thank Franck Lebeau for his library that allows me to create this generator.

👉 You can now use an Excel file as a source for all the generators (except the Network). This is a great addition, as CSV can have different formats and structures depending on the country. Almost everyone uses Excel daily, and I always aim to simplify the tool.

Here are all the other small new features and enhancements:

  • 🐝 During the month, I updated the Beeswarm to allow you to set both X and Y coordinates. This allows you to further split to dots by categories.

  • 💬 Tooltips for the Sankey Generator to help you figure out your data before exporting

  • 🚨 Multiple bug corrections: saving on Safari, sizes for the Network nodes in older Tableau version.

🔜 Coming in March: Chord Diagram... and more!

New Youtube Video

With all the development in the tool, I could only create one new video on my Youtube channel.

In the video, I'll show you how to create a Sankey using the Advanced Visualization Generator and how to customize it in Tableau.

That's all for this time 👋See you at the end of March!

Meanwhile, you can find me here:‣ Website:‣ Twitter:‣ Youtube:‣ LinkedIn:‣ All other links:

If you have any suggestions, feedback is appreciated!